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This is the coolest behind-the-scenes page, 'cause you get to meet the wonderful talent that has really made my characters come alive!

Jim Vann   Jordan L. Williams   Scott Hilley

Susan Blaine   Deborah Richards

enjoy yourself!

Jim Vann
(aka Cyxcyxdn, Bullworth)
Jim Jim

Jim captured the cock-sure nature of Cyxcyxdn even before reading for the role. During a recording session for a different project, Jim would often lighten the mood by doing some asides. It was this voice that peaked my interest. Cyxcyxdn, the hero of "The Dark Edge of Light", has a confidence to him that required a voice that would resonate this feeling to the audience - and Jim has it in spades. Cyxcyxdn now owns the room whenever he enters, thanks to Jim. And for the dim-witted but loyal henchman Bullworth, Jim once again came up with a voice that makes you believe the character may only have a couple brain cells to rub together, but also that he could rub ya out, no questions asked.

Born in the middle of the last century, Jim has been a well-known and respected voice artist for the past 35 years. In addition to stints as the voice of Ford, Lithonia Lighting, Southland Custom Homes and many more, Jim has voiced thousands of industrial and promotional videos. He has done work for the Cartoon Network and still enjoys creating a personality for an animated character to be his most enjoyable work.



Jordan L. Williams
(aka Froschmann, Peter)
Jordan Jordan

It was amazing and fun watching Jordan become the character he played. He transformed into the vile and evil Froschmann, then, in a blink of an eye, he was the easy-going, lovable Peter. Froschmann, the villain of the movie, has a smooth, cool personality that is just as polite when he orders dinner as he is when he orders your execution. Jordan captured the creepiness of Froschmann and really brought him to life.

Jordan grew up in Chicago, and planned on becoming an architect, but discovered the magic of theater and performing as a student at Southern Illinois University. He began his acting career as Beau in "Bus Stop" on stage in Chicago. Jordan left Chicago in 1978 making his way to the warmer climate of Atlanta and was soon cast as another Beau - "Beau Caitlin", a starring role in the popular, quirky TBS soap "The Caitlins", in the early 1980's.

Movie and TV parts continued coming his way, including the part of Sam Phillips in the much acclaimed 1990 mini series "Elvis". Sam Phillips was amazed at Jordan's uncanny resemblance to himself as a young man and had high praise for his performance. Jordan's career included parts in "My Dog Skip", "Heat of the Night", Matlock", writing screenplays and starring in his own movie "Final Cut", and of course outstanding voice talent for audio books, commercials, and narrations.

Jordan and Susan Blaine formed a deep, lasting friendship after meeting at the recording studio shortly after he arrived in Atlanta. His last performance was "Froschmann" in "The Dark Side of Light". Sadly, he passed away from complications due to pancreatitus and diabetes March 13, 2006 at the age of 50.

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Scott Hilley
(aka Joe, Vulpin, The Master ...)
Scott Scott

Scott is a goldmine when it comes to character voices. He's the nasty henchman Vulpin, the wise sage The Master, the Guard at the gate of paradise, and he also came to my rescue when it came to the voice of Joe. When I had first recorded everyone's audio back in December of 2005, I did the voice for Joe. It just didn't fit, so I called Scott and he said he'd love to give it a go. Within a few minutes of playing around with various voices, Scott nailed the new sound for Joe. Scott reminds me a lot of Mel Blanc in his ability to create a huge, treasure-trove of wonderful character voices.

Now celebrating his 43rd year as a performer/writer, Scott is an award-winning actor who has voiced more than a thousand radio and TV commercials, industrials, and cartoons - including The Georgia Lottery (most recently as Braves' TV "Lou, the Baseball Scout"), BellSouth, Chick-Fil-A and General Motors. With various theatres, he has performed "The Man Who Came To Dinner", "Man of La Mancha", "Room Service", "All My Sons" and others. He has a recurring role as The Reverend in Cartoon Network's "Squidbillies" and has played The Shadow and Chester A. Riley with The Philco Radio Players, an old-time radio re-creation troupe.

In 2003, Scott won the Oliver Hardy Look-Alike Contest in Hardy's birthplace, Harlem, Georgia. He also impersonates Lou Costello and Jackie Gleason. In 2005, he appeared with Kenneth Branagh in HBO's "Warm Springs". His movie credits include "Radioland Murders", "Grilling Bobby Hicks", "We Are Marshall" and the upcoming "Good Intentions".



Susan Blaine
(aka Joan, Jenny)
Susan Susan

Susan was working as the sound engineer on another project when she and the voice-over artist (Jim Vann) started conversing in funny voices. I looked up from my script and the holographic light bulb over my head winked on. Had I just heard the voices to a couple of the characters in my movie? Indeed I had! Susan would reprise her role as Sound Engineer for "The Dark Edge of Light" and also be the voice for Joan and also for Jenny the waitress.

Susan Blaine is an Atlanta, GA native. Her father was a radio engineer with WSB, and his work "pushing buttons" always seemed like a fascinating and fun career. She began working as an engineer in 1983 with Magnetic Ltd. Studio (at the time she was one of the few female studio engineers in the city), where she found she really did like pushing people's buttons (but in a good way). In 2000 she helped open Captive Sound, a voice-over studio in North Atlanta, and in addition to engineering began occasionally filling in as voice talent. Working on "The Dark Side of Light" has been a career highpoint.



Deborah Richards
(aka Sarah)
Deborah Deborah

Deborah brought a sauciness to the part of Sarah that I loved so much that I changed the look of the character to fit her voice. Sarah may only have a few lines, however, the character experiences a wide range of emotions within the short time she's on screen, and Deborah delivered a perfect intensity and fervor to her few, yet pivotal, scenes.

Deborah has worked in radio and television as a News Anchor, DJ and voice talent since 1977. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Russ, son Jarrett. She voiced award winning commercials and industrial projects, her biggest creative thrill has been working with Terry on this movie!