The Dark Edge of Light

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Tantalized. That's my word for how I feel after listening to the wonderful character voices everyone created for me. No details - yet - as to where these samples figure in to the movie. Gotta keep some mystery for ya! enjoy yourself!

Click on a link to hear a sample. Everyone can play an .mp3, right?

Bullworth (Jim) and Froschmann (Jordan) have a discussion. listen

Sarah (Deborah) asks a favor of her neighbor Joan (Susan). listen

Froschmann (Jordan) and Cyxcyxdn (Jim) chat about extraordinary events. listen

The Master (Scott) teaches a young Cyxcyxdn (Jim) a few things about the keys. listen

It's always exasperating when one of your henchmen (Scott as 'Vulpin') screws up and, you, as his boss (Jordan as 'Froschmann') has to listen to him explain himself. listen